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    We provided services to thousands of people.In addition, we have distributed millions of dollars in medications and equipment.
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    We thank you in advance for your donation towards our missions because, “Our Endeavor is to serve the Needy”.

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Caribbean Medical Mission of New Jersey

The Caribbean Medical Mission was founded in 1996, by six Physicians and three Nurses; we have grown tremendously with a diversity of professionals including physicians, nurses, clergy, business people and others who volunteer their time and service to provide medical care to the needy.

We are a State Registered Non-profit Organization of volunteers who give time to treat the underprivileged people of the Caribbean and here in New Jersey. Each members finances their own way on our mission trips. Since our inception, we have visited several countries and provided services to thousands of people. In addition, we have distributed millions of dollars in medications and equipment. .

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Our Mission

Over the years, our members have visited and treated patients in Guyana, Jamaica, Nigeria, St. Vincent/Grenadines and local health fairs in Essex County. The Caribbean Medical Mission has also extended its generosity by donating numerous items.

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You can make a difference by volunteering. Volunteers help further the mission of our organization. As a volunteer, you will not only have a tremendous impact on those you serve but also enjoy valuable lessons and benefits during your volunteer experience.

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Our Causes

Our causes here are necessary to help serve the needy here in New Jersey and the Caribbean.
Take a look at some of what we do here at CMM!

Treating the Underprivileged

Caribbean Medical Mission (CMM) has been in the forefront of addressing the medical needs of the needy throughout the Caribbean and New Jersey. Therefore, we need your help in keeping this valuable organization active in helping the needy in various medical areas.

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Donation of Medication

We have distributed millions of dollars in medications and equipment. We are open to invitation from any other country as we seek to fulfill our mission,"Our Endeavor is to serve the Needy". If you would like to donate, please contact us.

Donation of Supplies

The CMM has also donated hospital beds, wheel chairs, eye glasses, x-ray film processors, blood pressure and sugar monitors, and more to various Caribbean Countries. We rely heavily on our members and volunteers to help us achieve these goals, won't you join us.

Medical Missions

We have visited several countries including, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Nigeria, St. Vincent/Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago and provided services to thousands of people. If you would love to volunteer on our missions, please contact us.

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